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Leugenbrugweg 30, 3680 Maaseik  


Our B&B ‘Aen de Roderburgh’ is situated in the valley of the Meuse river right in the middle of the cycling network within 100m from the Meuse in the small village of Aldeneik, a small annex of the town of Maaseik.

It was five years ago the earth was still rough and covered with gravel and now there is a beautiful recreation area with many trails for walking, also a fish pond, a little beach, a port with many boats, the ‘Sporta’ which is a sports complex, and also the possibility to perform a variety of water sports.

The name of the guest rooms is an old name borrowed from way back in the olden days.

‘Aen de Roderburgh’ is situated in the ‘Leugenbrugweg’ street which is indicated on the map with a black dot.

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